Photography by ScienceMedia – EUCLID – Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille (France, 2020)

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Education and Public Outreach

We support the science community with outreach projects by an up to date communication approach and providing content creation intended for social media and traditional press and broadcast channels.

We have a solid believe that informing people, from the general public to financial decision makers about your latest scientific developments, will have a positive impact on the research, the public debate, and your next scientific project.

We share our expertise in marketing and communication with you to change an outreach expense into a returning investment.

Introducing ScienceMedia

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Photography by ScienceMedia – IODP Expedition 358 (Japan, 2019)

Being where the action is

We support you in creating a rich content library that can be used and shared across a variety of media. Helping you to reach a wider audience for your research.

We follow your scientific process, in the field, the lab, the office. Gathering footage and interviews that will feed the communication strategy for the duration of the research project, and sometimes long after that. We capture moving and still images that can be processed and edited for publication on social media, high profile website’s or traditional press environments.

So don’t miss out on the action and start thinking about outreach at the beginning of your research.

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Dick and Dan on board of the Chikyu. (Japan, 2016)

IODP Partnerships

ScienceMedia has collaborated with the International Ocean Discovery Program for almost a decade to produce expedition-specific and educational videos. The footage we gather in the field has served many purposes and we continue to build on the outreach library for future projects. So we can operate as a flexible partner to reach the higher goals in communication.

IODP Expedition 370 “Exploring the Temperature Limit in the Deep Biosphere”
What is the temperature limit of microbial life beneath the ocean floor? This group of scientists boarded the drillship Chikyu and drilled 1.2 km into the seafloor to find out. We followed them during the expedition, leading to a short documentary of their efforts and initial results.
2nd place Dutch Film Festival (2017)
AGU Cinema top 10 selection (2017)

IODP Expedition 365 “Exploring the Fault Trace” (Part 1 to 4)
The 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan drove these scientists to develop hi-tech observatories with live onshore data streaming. We were there to document the placement of one of these observatories through the Nankai Trough, producing and publishing a series of 4 short videos directly from the ship along the way.

AGU Cinema top 10 selection (2016)

IODP A Guide to Smear Slides
This video takes you through the step-by-step process of preparing a smear slide to determine the composition of deep-sea sediments. An educational video with playful animations for context and light atmosphere.

Thinking beyond a single movie

We encourage an engaging strategy, with multiple outputs spread out over time. Building a returning and growing audience instead of limiting yourself to a single contact moment.

Create multiple video’s appealing to specific audiences with focused subjects. Don’t wait with the distribution and give your video’s relevancy by showing what you are doing, as you are doing it. Create a dialogue with the audience using the familiar social channels or create a project specific website where you can display all your work. We can help you with that.

Promote your outreach. Before people will listen to you, they’ll have to find you first!

Life at the Edge
A two part movie with seven social teasers

What makes the continental shelf in the Northwest Atlantic so productive? This Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution-led campaign combines biological, chemical, and physical oceanography to understand how nutrients are brought to the sunlit surface to stimulate life.

To promote these films on the social channels we made a series of small video’s, encouraging the audience to watch these movies and creating interest in the project.

Showing the invisible

We create animations that help communicate the principle story of your research.

Understanding science sometimes means that you have to convey abstract concepts that can’t be captured with a camera. Animation is tool capable of doing this. It can be embedded in a video, but it can also be the primary way to promote your work.

The Ocean Observatories Initiative
The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) is a major research facility operated as a community resource. It provides continuous observations spanning the seafloor, the overlying ocean, and the atmosphere, located in coastal and open ocean locations in the Atlantic and Pacific.

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Introducing the Global Geo Health Data Center
Where live footage is neither available nor effective in communicating your message, we turn to sophisticated animations that sum up your project in just a few minutes. The GGHDC uses an advanced geocomputing framework to link environmental datasets to global healthcare.

Building an experience

​Beyond the scope of film, photography and websites, we create a wide range of applied media outings with specific applications like animations, 360° video or multiscreen interactive exhibits.

We transmit knowledge to the public by turning complex concepts into clearcut ideas, from educational websites replete with videos and teaching modules to interactive multimedia exhibits that make for a playful and effective outreach campaign.

In Search of Earth’s Secrets at the American Museum of Natural History (New York, 2019)

Watch the 7 minute multiscreen video loop produced by ScienceMedia.

In Search of Earth’s Secrets

This publicly accessible multi-screen & media roadshow brings cutting edge IODP science stories to rural and urban communities in the US. A hands-on experience while learning about science themes researched by IODP; such as earthquakes, volcanoes climate change and the extinction of the dinosaurs. The seven minute multiscreen video tells about the discoveries IODP has made over the last 50 years.

Tipping Point Ahead

We developed an interactive website for Dutch high school students and their teachers, using short videos, social media, blogs and teaching modules to offer unique insight into the research efforts of young climate scientists. Each young researcher shares their expertise on tipping points in the climate system: How hot will the Earth’s climate be in a hundred years? Where will it be the warmest? Will temperatures rise steadily or can we expect sudden shifts? In other words, which tipping points characterize the climate system?

Mark van Welzenis, shooting for TPA (Greenland, 2015)

Tipping Point Ahead – Teaser 

Episode 9: Hoe maak je een klimaatmodel? 

Episode 2: Is the Greenland ice sheet melting?

Telling story’s

We create fun and informative videos that promote your research, program, or institution, helping you reach your communication goals; from covering conferences and participant recruitment, to celebrating decades of accomplishments in your organization.

The Future of the Wadden Sea
In this short summary the principal investigators tell about their findings on future sea-level rise, subsidence, morpho-dynamics and sedimentation budget in de Dutch Wadden Sea.
// Iets over het proces interviews en drone shots

VR Master Class 360º
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Royal NIOZ, 140 Years of Sea Research
Using only existing footage and imagery, we compiled a short timeline video that celebrates 140 years of dedicated exploration and research at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research (NIOZ). This video was produced for the 140th anniversary event at NIOZ.

Thinking Like a Bird
Follow Dr. Theunis Piersma as he tracks the impacts of climate change on migratory waders and the role of intertidal mudflats in their lifecycle. In 2014, Theunis received the Spinoza Award from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), the highest scientific award in the Netherlands.

Go With the Flow
Scientists from around the world gather data in the North Atlantic to track changes in circulation and potential impacts on climate aboard the R/V Pelagia. This video demonstrates our ability to work alongside the researchers while out at sea.

Himalayan Water Towers
A team of researchers from Utrecht University and ICIMOD gather on top of the world’s largest mountain range to measure the water cycle using cutting-edge technology. Since we could not join them in the field, this short documentary demonstrates our ability to shape a story using existing field footage.

The Whirling Waters of Antarctica
This video is one of several educational clips that we produced for the Dutch public broadcasting channel, NTR SchoolTV. Oceanographer Peter Bijl takes us through the important role that the Antarctic Circumpolar Current played in climatic shifts over time.

The Magic of Visualizing
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Healthy Urban Living
Before 360° video became widely available, we came up with our own innovative system to effectively demonstrate how researchers at Utrecht University gather data about the health of a city and its inhabitants. Travel with Ilonka on her bike as she explores the city of Utrecht.

1st place Dutch Film Festival (2016)

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Our Team

At ScienceMedia we are committed to enhance scientific understanding and literacy among the public at large and to show the wonders of Nature in a way that inspires awe in the minds and hearts of the people. We create media to reveal how scientists do science and how delicate process of research works.We believe in collaboration, working closely with you, the scientists, to ensure scientific integrity and accuracy.

We have gained the respect and trust of scientific partners all over the world with factual storytelling, and we continue to expand our own knowledge with every project.

ScienceMedia is based in the Netherlands and was founded in 2011.

After many years of directing corporate films, my fascination for capturing scientific exploration took shape in our new company. Helping scientists to get their stories across is extremely rewarding. The personal insights gained on ‘how science works’ remains a source of inspiration.

Dan Brinkhuis

Creative Director,

I’m looking to focus my talents and knowledge in audiovisual-media on stories that matter. I want to reach people with new ideas and translate them into inspiring films, animations, or multimedia experiences for them to enjoy and learn from.

Dick Peterse

Media Designer,

I just love to organise, most of all things that matter, matter to the world and to future generations. Having many years of experience as a producer, a healthy curiosity and a passion for science, there is no mountain too high or ocean too deep.

Ageeth Rademaker


As a filmmaker I specialise in factual films about science & technology, which can be part of larger communication campaigns for science projects. At the same time as a scientist I am actively involved in planetary and medical sciences.
Maarten Roos

Filmmaker and planetary scientist,

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